actors commit suicide

Why do actors commit suicide ?

Suicide is a painful approach that some people take in order to escape the pain from their lives. When someone ends their life by their own will is called suicide. But if they fail it is termed as an attempt to commit suicide. The major reason for one to taking one’s life is depression and feeling of loneliness. The mentality of such people is to escape pain and suffering. But escape is never an option. Seeking help from people around you can be. Because you are not alone. In recent years we have observed a trend of suicide commitment among famous celebrities. But the question arises, Why do actors commit suicide. Despite having all the luxuries of life. Why are not they satisfied with their life. So, without further ado let’s give answers to your questions.


Being a celebrity and having a charming life seems so fascinating and wonderful. But handing fame is not that easy as it may seem.

Psychologists say people with high career goals are prone to more mental illnesses as compared to other people. 

There can be several reasons for a person to get prone to depression. This includes identity crisis, social acceptance, genetic factors, emptiness. Also, a very narrow perspective doesn’t allow the person to live his life to the fullest. These factors lead a person toward major mental illnesses. Which include some major disorders:

  • Acute or chronic depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • identity crisis
  • eating disorders
  • sleeping disorders

When you are at a high post, there is a lot of pressure, including career, growth, and your social life. Several actors worldwide were known to be suffering from depression. Major reasons included pressure from the industry, and being cyberbullied by followers. Here are some enlisted reasons we searched for why this happens:


A career is a growth when you are in an industry like acting. As people will only know you when you appear on screen get major roles and good acting opportunities. If one doesn’t get much chance in they start panicking. Another reason is not being offered the desired role to which the actor considers himself eligible.

Being overconfident about themselves also plays a major role here. However, one must always remember that how water flows. Waters always flows from high to a low place, so the thing to remember is that in life there are lows, but highs are not far off.


Several types of research have reported that People who are rich usually fail to have a good love life. It is not only in movies that love fails but in real life, there are people who actually lack love and affection. Actors mostly fail in their love life. some times it’s one-sided or sometimes they just can not accept rejection. Being rejected and betrayed in a relation is as hurtful to humans at almost the same level. But when it comes to actors it is quite difficult for them to accept being rejected. As they have a perception of themselves. a perception of being perfect and ideal.

Then being rejected with such a perception is very hard to handle and the person is prone to mental illness like depression and if not treated at the right time. The person can commit suicide. The final cure cannot and should not be suicide, instead one has to speak to friends and family about the issue and, if possible, get competent therapeutic assistance. Therefore, one must learn how to tackle a rejection. 


Greedy family members can also be a reason for an actor to be prone to mental illnesses.  Lifestyle, fame, and money do not guarantee to shield people from depression, loneliness and anxiety.

Family support is the thing that one always looks for and that strengthens a person’s personality. Family support makes a person happy and at peace. But if he is facing problems from family it is very hard to bring peace to your mental state. And sometimes family members used the earning person as an A.t.m machine. Without thinking about the problems being faced by the earning person. Therefore, one should not forget his roots. family members should also communicate and provide support to him. So that the loneliness rate is low and the person lives a healthy wealthy and happy life. These were some reasons why actors commit suicide.

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.” ― Juliette Lewis Click To Tweet


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