the subtle art of not giving a fuck by mark manson


The subtle art of not giving a fuck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, written by Mark Manson was published 13th September 2016. The genre of the book is self-help. Mark Manson (born 1984) is a professional blogger, businessman, and ex-dating coach. He has assisted people with their emotional and relationship issues since 2007. He’s collaborated with thousands of citizens from more than 30 nations.

BOOK REVIEW: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck By

The writer has clearly made his point clear that trying to stay positive all the time is not the solution to any problem, rather the solution is just, to be honest with yourself and get comfortable with your failures. When you accept the reality things get easy for you. the adoption of this attitude makes things fall in place more perfectly. Manson has presented the truth and reality of the world in a more raw form, which the world is lacking.

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At its core, the writer has given us so many life lessons upon which the most important one is to let go of the unimportant things in your life and find out the important ones and actually care about the important things. This is a much-needed reality for us. We need to check up on our fears and expectations and personal problems and just give a thought to what truly matters. Why are we actually burdening out brains caring about every trivial thing in our lives?

The irony of the book is actually about greatness. It’s about being comfortable for being different. Being ok with your adversities and embracing your problems facing all the challenges in it.  As the writer says:

the only way to overcome pain is to learn how to bear it Click To Tweet

There are no sugar-coated words and sentences in the book only f-bombs and harsh realities that slap in your face really hard.100 life-changing quotes by umair nisar

MY Review

By the time when you end reading this motivational and self-help book, you find your self-making promises. Suddenly you feel better and light in all the problems worse and challenging situations of your life. Your mind feels nourished and relaxed with the supply of the food of thought, which is raw, organically enriched with unfiltered truth of the realities of life.

SO, this was my review on THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A FUCK by Mark Manson.Now, I will really like to hear from you. Are you giving a fuck to the trivial and unimportant things in your life and made your self suffer too?


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