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Motivational Qasim Ali Shah Quotes About life

Qasim Ali Shah is a well-known Pakistani motivational speaker and self-help guru. He has delivered thousands of talks on how one can change his mind and how that change can change his fate. He wrote more than ten books out of which unchi uraan, kamyabi ka pegham, ZARA NAM HO, and APNI TALASH are his masterpieces. In this article, we have collected some of Qasim Ali Shah quotes and translate them into English so that his words can be recognized globally. 

Motivational Qasim Ali Shah Quotes About life


 There is no need to kill someone, just end their hope and they will die every day. Qasim Ali Shah

The best teachers in your life are the ones who change the way you think.

Qasim Ali Shah

Make a list of things you cannot buy with money. Then start valuing them, your life will become peaceful. Qasim Ali Shah

A man always gets defeated by his internal conflicts, not the external ones.

What makes great leaders different from society is their unique mindset. Qasim Ali Shah

The books have ruled more on the earth than a man. Qasim Ali Shah

If you want to change your life one word, one situation and one teacher is enough. But if you don’t, then thousands of books, hundreds of situations, and wisest of teachers are not enough. Qasim Ali Shah

Believing in ALLAH who is the Most Generous will create the quality of generosity in you too. Qasim Ali Shah

That person is your well-wisher who makes you believe that you can do it” Qasim Ali Shah

Just like friends choose your books carefully and attentively. As one good book can change your fate.Qasim Ali Shah

The strongest connection of the universe is between man and God. Qasim Ali Shah

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If we learn how to deal with people 50 percent of our problems are solved. And our productivity increases by 90 percent. Qasim Ali Shah
Successful people are up all night doing hard work while the common people at the same time are enjoying sleep. Qasim Ali Shah
A good writer writes the story on the hearts of readers, not on pages. Qasim Ali Shah

qasim ali shah quotes
Doing good is always better than saying good. Qasim Ali Shah
The road to success is always difficult. Climbing heights is never easy. In order to reach the top, you have to climb heightsQasim Ali Shah

Whatever the human mind can think clearly, it can be achieved. Qasim Ali 

Life is the only deal, where you have to decide what to do and what not to at the right time.

“ Life does not change in centuries, years, months or days. But it changes the moment you decide to change Qasim Ali Shah

At the time of death if you don’t have any regrets, You have lived an amazing life.-Qasim Ali Shah Click To Tweet

Failing in a respectful way is better than a disrespectful victory. Qasim Ali Shah
Excellent thinking can make you an excellent man. Qasim Ali Shah

The definition of a success story is that you proved to succeed even with all the difficulties. Qasim Ali Shah
Peace and prosperity never descend from the sky. Love and respect are not gained by asking but by giving to people. Qasim Ali Shah

 Your thought and ideas are mirrored in your conversation. -Qasim Ali Shah Click To Tweet

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