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5 best personal development tips you need to know

In this era of hustle and bustle, we have forgotten to focus on ourselves. We are struggling day and night and investing our time and energy in earning money. We have ignored the fact of giving attention to self-growth and becoming a better version of ourselves. Here are the 5 best personal development tips that will help you to sharpen your personality and excel in your personal and professional life.



“You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.” ―Henry David Thoreau




Personal development refers to knowing your own self. This development involves your mental, physical, social and emotional growth. Personal growth helps an individual to live a successful life. When you put great effort into developing your inner growth. You will see amazing results. The greatest achievers in life know that secrete to survival is the willingness to control one’s own self.




The biggest mistake we do is that we don’t have control on our lives. The remote control of our emotional stability in the hands of other people. Because we are so confused and influences by other people that we have given the charge of our lives in their hands.

So, whenever others want they can change the channel of our emotions by just giving a statement. Let’s take the example of a car. when you sit in the car to drive to your desired destination. you control the steering of the car your self rather than giving direction. Therefore, it’s your life, it’s your decision. 

What to do?

These are some quick simple tips that you can use and improve yourself:

  • Don’t give the remote of your emotions in the hands of other people. Don’t let them decide if you are going to be happy or not.
  • It’s all the game of conditioning. Once you condition your self that a particular statement will not make you sad, then no matter what. People cant change your emotional state.
  • Don’t let people make the decision for you. Take the charge and control of your life in your own hands. Do take opinions its good but, don’t let people guide you who you have to be and how you have to feel.



In our daily lives, we are listening to so many things consuming a lot of content from social media, people around us, and through our books. Our brain is constantly learning and modeling, the people who influence us, or we have made them our role models.
We are being psychologically tricked every moment in this era of social media and technology. Our personalities have been excessively influenced and molded. So how we can save ourselves from it?
How can we make our personalities attractive and charismatic?
A simple answer to it is:

  • Take care of the content you consume from social media and your external environment.
  • Make a statement and ideology of yourself. So whenever you think you are being influenced, remember your own statement.
  • You have to take care of your of the diet of ears and eyes. The same way you care for the diet of your other body parts.
  • Give a good and organic diet to your ears and eyes. Read a book or listen to a lecture that will enhance your skills.



A person who is headed in the journey of personal development understands the need of the relationships in his life. You are better able to decide which relationship is worth investing your time money and efforts. For example, if you don’t focus on your self-growth you will spend time with people only for the sake of time pass. But if you focus on your self you will be in the company of people who will help you to become a better version of your self. According to a famous saying: 

“A man is known by his company.”

Don’t waste your time in the company of the wrong people. Take a look around and see the people who really matter in your life. 

The five people around you help others determine what type of personality you have. if all of them are smokers and you are not. You will become a smoker too. because one day or the other you will get influenced by them and do what they are doing,




Once you have raised self-awareness about yourself. You are better able to make decisions for yourself. another big mistake is that we consider our goal as an extra thing. We don’t prioritize the tasks and our goals. We do all the rest of the unnecessary things and overload ourselves with work. As a result, the road to achieving our goal gets blurred.

What to do?

  • Prioritize the work you have to do.
  • Don’t try to do more. try to do as much your capacity is and give your hundred percent effort to it.
  • Keep a journal. Write your ideas.

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When you know the things and tasks you have to give importance to. Then you don’t waste your time. You have a clear sense of direction. You can easily eliminate anything that does not give you direction to your goal. The biggest magic of goal setting and a clear sense of direction is that it not only acts as a guide but it also helps you to have better management skills.

These were some effective personal development tips. Tell me which tip you find helpful for yourself.

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