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30 Motivational Nouman Ali Khan Quotes 2021 On Life

Noman Ali khan was born on May 4, 1978. He is the most influential Pakistani American Islamic preacher. Noman Ali khan is the founder of the Bayyinah Institute for Arabic and Quranic Studies. He is an excellent instructor of Arabic. The institute Bayyinah serves as the lead mentor for a variety of programs including Dream, Traveling Workshops, and Bayyinah TV. Ustad Nouman has served as Professor of Arabic at Nassau Community College until 2006 when he chose to take Bayyinah as a full-time project. Since then, he has trained more than 10,000 students through his workshops and programs. Having millions of social media fans, Nouman Ali Khan is one of the most prominent young western academics in the world. Below is the collection of some amazing and latest Nouman Ali Khan Quotes 2021.

30 Motivational Nouman Ali Khan Quotes 2021 On Life 


1. If you believe in justice, surely you believe in the hereafter because this world is not just. Nouman Ali Khan

2. If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then you have an ego problem.”  –Nouman Ali Khan

3. Even the good we do is full of mistakes.” Nouman Ali Khan –Nouman Ali Khan

4. “No good deed goes to waste. Do a good deed today and be confident and optimistic that God will reward you for it.” –Nouman Ali Khan

5. The hypocrite takes good advice as an insult. –Nouman Ali Khan

6. “A mature believer knows that when good happens there is benefit in it. And when bad happens there is also benefit in that. And both are a test from God.” –Nouman Ali Khan

7. The people who test your patience are a blessing. Without them, you can’t practice patience. –Nouman Ali Khan

Nouman Ali Khan quotes

Your sin is not greater than God’s mercy. –Nouman Ali Khan

9. When you find yourself in a position to help someone, be happy because Allah is answering that person’s prayer through you. –Nouman Ali Khan

10. Low self-esteem is rooted in many things. One of them is not spending time to appreciate the gifts we’ve been given. –Nouman Ali Khan

11. Find a better company, find a company of people better than yourself so you be surrounded by those best in character and so you may learn something. –Nouman Ali Khan

12. When you’re not patient, you start complaining. And the fact that you’re complaining is a sign that you’re not grateful. –Nouman Ali Khan

13. Forgiving someone isn’t just about doing good to another. It’s also about healing a scar in your own heart. –Nouman Ali Khan

14. You can’t just pretend that the things you watch, and the things you hear, and the places you go will not have an impact on your character. They will. –Nouman Ali Khan

15. Humiliating people in the name of religion is the practice of someone deprived of the first fruit of religion. –Nouman Ali Khan


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16. You train your heart to control your body. That’s what you do when you fast. –Nouman Ali Khan

17. You can’t change someone’s behavior, all you can do is remind them, and hope that Allah will change their heart. –Nouman Ali Khan

18. I should be grateful for the tough times because Allah chose me, though I was good enough to go through it. 

Filthy language is used by people who don't have the maturity or intelligence to express themselves with better words. -Nouman Ali Khan Click To Tweet

20. People of dua are optimistic by definition. They know that dua and thoughts like ‘unlikely’ or ‘impossible’ don’t coexist. –Nouman Ali Khan

21. “When you’re going through something hard and you start wondering where God is, just remember, the Teacher is always quiet during a test.” –Nouman Ali Khan

22. “When you see someone who is not as religious, remember that you were once on the edge of the fire, and it was God’s favor upon you to guide you. Arrogance will wipe away any goodness from the transformation.” –Nouman Ali Khan

23. “People can put you down and they will, but God will never abandon you, so long as you don’t.” –Nouman Ali Khan

24. “Rain from above gives life to dead soil. Revelation from above gives life to the dead heart.” –Nouman Ali Khan

25. “While you are hating your life because you can’t get what you want, someone is wishing to have a life like yours.” –Nouman Ali Khan

“The real Da’wah to Islam is the character of a Muslim.” — Nouman Ali Khan Click To Tweet

26. “Guilt is a gift from God warning you that what you are doing is violating your soul.” –Nouman Ali Khan

27. “Knowledge in your head is not the same as knowledge in your heart.” –Nouman Ali Khan

28. “God says that Paradise is awesome, imagine how awesome that is when the All-knowing is calling it awesome.” –Nouman Ali Khan

29. “Islam isn’t against having wealth. Islam is against wealth that serves and benefits only you.” –Nouman Ali Khan

30. “Talk with your daughters, play with your sons. You need to be a better friend to them than anyone else. This society offers lots of evil friends. Before they make those kinds of friends they need to find their best friend in you.”  -Nouman Ali Khan

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