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Top 25 Mohsin Hamid Quotes On Life

Mohsin Hamid was born on 23rd July 1971. He is a British-Pakistani novel writer. His internationally bestselling books include Moth Smoke, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia. He spent most of his youth in Pakistan, but a part of it in California, before returning to the United States to attend Princeton University and Harvard Law School. He simultaneously worked as a management consultant in New York and London before moving to Lahore. Where he started to pursue writing full-time. Here we will share with you Mohsin Hamid quotes.

Top 25 Mohsin Hamid Quotes On Life

What else is belief but direction?-Mohsin Hamid

Secrets make life more interesting. You can be in a crowded room with someone and touch them without touching, just with a look, because they know a part of you no one else knows. And whenever you’re with them, the two of you are alone, because the way you and they see no one else can see.-Mohsin Hamid

I’m interested in things women do that aren’t spoken about. Manto’s stories let me breathe. They make me feel like less of a monster.-Mohsin Hamid

I think there’s a natural link between the fact that our self is a story that we make up and that we’re drawn to stories. It resonates, in a way.-Mohsin Hamid

There’s a reason prophets perform miracles; language lacks the power to describe faith.-Mohsin Hamid

Time only moves in one direction. Remember that. Things always change.-Mohsin Hamid

When the uncertain future becomes the past, the past, in turn, becomes uncertain.-Mohsin Hamid

Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself.-Mohsin Hamid

All human stories are migration stories because everyone is a refugee from their own childhood.-Mohsin Hamid

It’s important to have a non-nostalgic view and say, let’s look forward because if we don’t, all we’ll hear are voices telling us to go back.-Mohsin Hamid

She was struggling against a current that brought her inside herself.

We are all refugees from our childhoods. And so we turn, among other things, to stories. To write a story, to read a story is to be a refugee from the state of refugees. Writers and readers seek a solution to the problem that time passes, that those who have gone are gone and those who will go, which is to say every one of us, will go. For there was a moment when anything was possible. And there will be a moment when nothing is possible. But in between, we can create.-Mohsin Hamid

We are all migrants through time.-Mohsin Hamid

I responded to the gravity of an invisible moon at my core, and I undertook journeys I had not expected to take.-Mohsin Hamid

You’re a watchful guy. you know where that comes from?” I shook my head. “It comes from feeling out of place,” he said. “Believe me. I know.-Mohsin Hamid

To love is to enter into the inevitability of one day not being able to protect what is most valuable to you.-Mohsin Hamid

Readers don’t work for writers. They work for themselves.-Mohsin Hamid

Literature helps us transcend ourselves.-Mohsin Hamid

The notion of love as a potentially destructive and potentially redemptive human force is something that comes across in all my books.-Mohsin Hamid

I did not grow up in poverty. But I did grow up with a poor boy’s sense of longing, in my case not for what my family had never had, but for what we had had and lost.-Mohsin Hamid

When terrorism strikes, divisive anger is a natural response.-Mohsin Hamid

When I travel, I feel more like a nomad than a tourist.-Mohsin Hamid

I am a strong believer in the intertwined nature of the personal and the political; I think they move together.-Mohsin Hamid

I'd rather create a miniature painting than a Taj Mahal of a book.”-Mohsin Hamid Click To Tweet


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