Life Lesson That Can Change Your Life

A lesson is an experience (good or bad) of one which is advice to another. A wise is the one who learns from other’s mistakes and protects himself from a big loss. A life lesson that I am going to share with you is something that can change your perspective and then your life. Without any delay, let’s dive straight into the life lesson that can change your life.

Life Lesson That Can Change Your Life


It’s an undeniable truth that we go after happiness and run from sadness. Happiness is the result of good events. What is a good event?

A good or pleasant event is nothing but the duration of time where everything goes according to our expectations.” 

But just because something is not going according to our limited knowledge we start becoming sad and label it as a bad event. Where in reality it can be a blessing in disguise. 

The thing I have learned in life is that bad events are not something we should be afraid of. If you go deeper you will find that it’s bad events that are the real cause of happiness in our lives. How? And the answer is My dear, there is no night if a day doesn’t exist.

So, To feel the relief, it’s necessary for one to experience the pain. 

The same is the case of bad events. These are the events that break us so that we can heal in a stronger and better version of ourselves. It’s the blessing of bad events that filter out fake people from ours lives.

Bad events are just defamed by people. In reality, they break one’s ego and make him cry.  They tell us that not everything is in our control. There is someone up there who is much powerful and all-knowing. Bad events soften us and make us more sympathetic. There is no such university that can teach you something that a bad event teaches you in a few moments.

Bad events are not that bad. They are blessings. They are solutions. Don’t be afraid of them. Don’t run from them. Welcome them and learn what they are teaching you. If you do so, then these bad events will become good events. You will be left with good events only. Your life will become less challenging and more interesting. You will be able to engrave these challenges more easily when you change your perspective to see them.

I hope this will help you to improve the quality of your life. 



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