Larry Ellison Quotes

Larry Ellison Quotes On Entrepreneurship And Success

Lawrence Joseph Ellison was born on August 17, 1944. He is an American entrepreneur and investor. Larry is the founder of  Oracle Corporation and there he serves as executive chairman and chief technology officer (CTO). He was the ninth-wealthiest person in the United States and the tenth-wealthiest person in the world as per updated on April 2021. Larry Ellison also owns the Hawaiian Islands’ Lanai, which has a population of just over 3000 people. This island is considered the 41st largest island in the United States. In this article, we present you with Larry Ellison Quotes On Entrepreneurship And Success.

Larry Ellison Quotes On On Entrepreneurship And Success

I have had all the disadvantages required for success.-Larry Ellison

I think after a certain amount, I’m going to give almost everything I have to charity. What else can you do with it? You can’t spend it, even if you try. I’ve been trying.-Larry Ellison

When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for everyone telling you you’re nuts.-Larry Ellison

When I do something, it is all about self-discovery. I want to learn and discover my own limits.-Larry Ellison

Great achievers are driven, not so much by the pursuit of success but by the fear of failure.-Larry Ellison

See things in the present, even if they are in the future.-Larry Ellison

Wealth isn’t the same thing as intelligence.-Larry Ellison

Always have a vision. Be passionate. Act confident, even when you’re not.-Larry Ellison

You have to believe in what you do in order to get what you want.-Larry Ellison

The only way to get ahead is to find errors in conventional wisdom.-Larry Ellison

You cannot innovate by copying.-Larry Ellison

I’m addicted to winning. The more you win, the more you want to win.-Larry Ellison

Life’s a journey. It’s a journey about discovering limits.-Larry 

You have to act and act now.-Larry Ellison

When you’re the first whose beliefs are different you’re saying, I’m right and everyone else is wrong.-Larry Ellison

A corporation’s primary goal is to make money.-Larry Ellison

I believe people have to follow their dreams – I did.-Larry Ellison

If an innovative piece of software comes along, Microsoft copies it and makes it part of Windows. This is not innovation; this is the end of innovation.”-Larry Ellison

Everyone thought the acquisition strategy was extremely risky because no one had ever done it successfully. In other words, it was innovative.-Larry Ellison

When I do something, it is all about self-discovery. I want to learn and discover my own limits.” -Larry Ellison

Being first is more important to me. I have so much money. Whatever money is, it’s just a method of keeping score now. I mean, I certainly don’t need more money.” -Larry Ellison

Five years from now, I don’t know how I’ll think.-Larry Ellison

I love sailing. I like it more when I am winning.-Larry Ellison

Microsoft is already the most powerful company on earth but you ain’t seen nothing yet.-Larry Ellison

If you do everything that everyone else does in business, you’re going to lose. The only way to really be ahead is to ‘be different.” – Larry Ellison Click To Tweet


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