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Shannon Thomas lcsw is the author of the internationally best selling book. Healing from Hidden Abuse: A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse and Exposing Financial Abuse: When Money is a Weapon. This was her first book which has been published in multiple languages and also it serves as a road map for book studies in the United States. Thomas developed the Six Stages of Healing model, which has received positive feedback and acceptance from readers and medical experts all around the world. Here we present you Shannon Thomas quotes from healing from hidden abuse.


Toxic people are great actors. They will utilize whichever props are available to maintain control in the relationship.-Shannon Thomas

The subtle nature of psychological abuse leaves survivors doubting themselves, but confidence is found in the healing process.-Shannon Thomas

Giving in to a controlling person might feel like “keeping the peace “, for the moment but it’s actually starting a very toxic pattern.-Shannon Thomas

Mistakes in life really are ok. We learn about ourselves and others through them. We get up, brush the dust off, forgive ourselves and get moving again.-Shannon Thomas

Psychological abusers are known for becoming jealous of any attention not being given to them.-Shannon Thomas

The key is to not follow the toxic person into their vortex of lies.-Shannon Thomas

Research shows it takes people many attempts to leave unhealthy relationships.-Shannon Thomas

Toxic people absolutely refuse to have normal human flaws and weaknesses. They do not see themselves as average people.-Shannon Thomas

Psychological abuse is not a one-and-done type of harm.-Shannon Thomas

The survivor delivers this message in a firm and clear tone of voice, not mad or screaming. “Just stating the facts. Take it or leave it, toxic person. Survivors.-Shannon Thomas

Denial is a powerful human component that cannot be ignored in the context of psychological abuse.-Shannon Thomas

Normal people have a hard time comprehending that abusers go to such lengths, but they do.-Shannon Thomas

Tenderness from empaths will be used against them time and time again by psychological abusers.-Shannon Thomas

Unraveling the lies and replacing them with truth is at the heart of the recovery journey for survivors of psychological abuse.-Shannon Thomas

We are hardwired to need and want to be included.-Shannon Thomas

Rarely does a toxic person give an authentic apology? To do so would be too much evidence that they are just like everyone else and flawed.-Shannon Thomas

An educated survivor can, and will, guard against future abuse.-Shannon Thomas

Fully being ourselves and knowing our likes and dislikes helps to create boundaries with people who want to tell us who to be. Be yourself!. -Shannon Thomas

Always remember Self-care and boundaries when interacting with other people. It’s good to serve others but not so much we sacrifice ourselves.-Shannon Thomas

Long-term goals need time to grow to develop. And then the right time, Bloom. Trying not to rush the timing and stay hopeful in the journey.-Shannon Thomas

Our childhood does not have to define who we are as adults. Some of the happiest and most helpful people I know head a real rough start in life.-Shannon Thomas

Having self-control over our emotions and reactions is empowering and healing. -Shannon Thomas

We should never feel embarrassed choosing our mental health over peoples expectations.-Shannon Thomas

Ending a relationship usually involves walking away from the positive aspects of the other person. If everything was awful it would be easy to leave.-Shannon Thomas

No one is entitled to take up space in your life that decision is yours alone.-Shannon Thomas

Toxic parents become toxic grandparents. The same unhealthy games played with their own child are passed down to the next generation.-Shannon Thomas

If someone is frequently rude. Are they a nice person with rude moments or a rude person with nice moments?.-Shannon Thomas

It’s OK to be selective. Not all people we meet, deserve to be in our inner circle.-Shannon Thomas

If we don’t believe that we deserve things like, real love, peace of mind and hope. We will subconsciously sabotage and wonder why we never have them.-Shannon Thomas

Protect yourself against those who claim to be a victim of abuse, but their own behaviours or abusive.-Shannon Thomas Click To Tweet

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