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Over the year’s psychologists have been doing a great deal of work on how a personality is formed. How a person inherits the traits and how these traits help him in his life. A personality is a combination of characteristics and traits. It also includes your behaviour, attitude, thinking pattern, and your emotional intelligence, etc. We find a few most common types of personalities around us like:

  • Extrovert personality
  • Introvert personality
  • Ambivert personality

All the above-mentioned personalities have special traits and characteristics. There are theories on how these personalities are formed and what type of behaviour they show.
Whatever type of personality you have, we have come up with one and all solutions on the question of how to upgrade your personality.
Every human is unique. He possesses special traits, he has personal will power and attitude which is different from others. Hence, it is very difficult to study human behaviour. But it is not impossible because all the above that we are social animals and are living in a particular environment. Our society has stepped up certain norms and traditions which we have to follow. Therefore we can estimate their behaviour in a particular situation. Here are some types of how you can upgrade your personality:



We human beings have been pleased with the power to think and make decisions. These decisions can be based on our judgments, our emotional reactions, our biased views, etc. But if you want an attractive personality you have to adopt the habit to start thinking in detail before making a decision. You have to have an in-depth insight into the problem and situation before making a decision.

  • Find the root cause of the issue. As this will help you to end the problem from its origin.
  • Take your time. Don’t rush in making a decision. You can also categorize the problem. For example, breaking the glass should not be a big issue but the continuous breaking of glass can be. You have to prioritize what issue is worth paying attention to. Because if you start to think about every petty thing, you cannot move forward. And ultimately your personality will become boring.


You might have heard this phrase you are what you think. But there is another one, you think what content you consume. For example, if you watch cartoons a lot then you will have very childish thinking, contrary to that if you keep reading books and consume sensible content. Your personality will be much groomed mature and attractive as well. Therefore, what you need to do it keep a close eye on what type of content you are consuming either it’s through social media, books, or the internet.  You can check our website. We have keenly selected the best books based on the genre of self-development.



Nature has made certain laws that one cannot change. The nature and nurture controversy is a big debate. But let’s discuss what the law of attraction is?
This law is based on you attract what you think. Very few of us know the effect that the law of attraction is having on our lives. Therefore we can not leave our emotions and thoughts unchecked. As the wrong thoughts will send wrong signals and will ultimately attract unwanted emotions. Once you truly understand how to use the key of law if attraction. You can renew the power of hope courage and strength in your life. There is no catch in it. You are free to take charge of your life.



We human beings are changing in our day to day lives. We are learning, developing, growing, and evolving each day. Every second every minute, hundreds of ideas come across our mind. There is a change in our perception. What we are today is the by-product of the changes that have occurred to us over the period of the time. When you think about making your personality attractive. The most important thing you have to consider is to upgrade your self every day. We are transforming our personalities in a mold. We have to sustain these changes that are occurring in our lives. So, here is the question of how to upgrade personality every day? Here are some tips that you can use in order to upgrade your self:

  • Read a book.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Identify your weakness and try to overcome them.

So, these were some amazing tips which will help you to upgrade your personality. In the end, just remember what Oscar Wilde said:

The note of the perfect personality is not rebellion, but peace. Oscar Wilde. Click To Tweet



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