how to train your mind to think positive

How To Train Your Mind To Think Positive

The human brain is the biggest blessing nature has blessed man with. Human by far is the most intelligent creature on the Earth. The only difference between him with the other creatures is knowledge and the ability to question. He is gifted with the ability to question things around him. Give meanings to the things and discover the secrets of nature. Hence, humans must not take this amazing gift of nature for granted at all. In this article, we will share some amazing tricks and tips on how you can train your mind to think positive.



These are some amazing tricks that will surely help your mind to change its thinking patterns. Without further ado, let’s discuss all of them in detail.


We human beings on average have 60,000 thoughts per day. This may seem a huge amount. But the question is are we paying heed to what are we thinking. Or our thinking pattern has transformed in a mechanical way. That is to say, that we are just thinking in a mechanical way. Whatever the information our environment is giving us. We are just consuming it and processing it in our brains without thinking that its positive and negative effects. 

What you have to figure out are the negative thoughts that disturb you. Then after observing, avoid any sort of misleading information you get from that negative thought. For example, If you are bothered by the thought of being called fat. Just avoid all the information you receive about body images and shapes and sizes because every human being is beautiful. Another query is if avoiding a thought or specific information, is a solution to this problem. Therefore, the answer is yes. When you avoid a particular statement or a piece of particular information. You are actually training your mind not to think in that direction.


As I said before that this human brain is one of the biggest blessings from nature. It has so many functions one can think of.

As we know our brain comprises 3 major parts in terms of thinking:

Conscious: The part of the brain where information can be accessed quickly. For example, if I ask you what color are you wearing today? You will spontaneously answer. The answer will come from your conscious mind.

Subconscious: The part of the information in the brain that can be accessed with a little effort. For example, if I ask you what did you have for lunch 2 days ago. With little effort and thinking you will be able to answer the question.

Unconscious: The part of the information in the brain that can not be accessed. Examples include your shameful memory, hidden desires, and reactions.

Now, What happens is that we are feeding our bodies. Everything we are doing for ourselves is below our neck. Have we done anything above our neck? That is for the brain?. Most probably your answer is no. As we all are running a rat race. We don’t have the time to train our minds. Our brain is software that has the answer to almost every problem in the world. If you ask your brain how can I earn 5 dollars a week it will answer you. But the condition is, the more is your knowledge, the better will be your ability to answer and cope with difficulties and challenging situations. Hence better answers would be provided or issues would be solved when you have good knowledge,


To become more strong and positive. You have to let go of some negative thoughts and bad past experiences. Because the thing that has occurred in your past can not be changed. The thing that can be changed is your present and future. Work in your present, and on that negative experience so that in the future you don’t face the same challenges again.

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Our mind works in the direction we want it to work. Therefore, we have the entire control of our thoughts. If we don’t give the right direction to our thoughts the brain will work in the opposite way and you then even cannot help yourself. Because at that time that water will have reached the level of head and you will feel helpless. For example, if I train my mind by keep saying I am sick, even if I am not. This statement will start to make its space in the unconscious mind. The mind will process the statement and will tell the body you are sick and eventually you will become sick.

Now the question remains how can we train our minds to think positively. This is the psychology of the human mind. It processes in a way you make it think. If you allow positive and motivating things to enter your mind. The brain will work in that direction. But if you train it with self-deprecating and bad thoughts you are definitely going to ruin your thinking process and your body.


This may sound weird to have a personal statement. But trust me that is the best thing you can do for yourself. Let’s first answer the question of what a personal statement is?. A personal statement is a way you think about yourself. For example, my personal statement is that I am a trustworthy person. Now, what you have to do is practice your personal statement every day. Every time you wake up and get ready to tell yourself who you are.

What benefit it will bring to your life. Your perspective to see the world would change. Once you know wholly solely who you are the opinions of others about you will not matter. You will not get bothered by the negative and false thinking of that person about you. Hence you will stay more positive and will definitely have a healthy wealthy and positive vibe around you.

 “Things have a way of working themselves out if we just remain positive.


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