How to set a life goal

How to set a life goal?-(A complete guide)

We human beings are running in a race. where we all want to be successful. But we don’t know in which direction we have to go in order to achieve what we want in life. for that, we need to make a life goal. here is a complete guide on how to set a life goal.




You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.

-Les Brown


Q No 1: Is having a life goal mandatory?

Just to elaborate on the importance of goal let’s take an example. Suppose you are in a car and the car is on the road. Now you don’t know where to go. What will happen?
Yes! The car will run out of fuel and you will reach nowhere.
Now consider the car is you and the fuel is your life which is burning out continuously. If you don’t give direction to yourself the life will burn out one day. And the purpose of life will not be fulfilled. Now we are on our second question. What’s the purpose of our lives?

Q NO 2: What’s the purpose of life?

The answer is very simple and a one-word answer. The purpose of our lives is to serve. Now let’s dive deep into it and open the layers of the answer.
Suppose you see someone drowning into a river. You want to rescue him but suddenly you come across a thought that you don’t know how to swim. Can you help him?
Let’s take another example. You are walking on a footpath and you saw a beggar begging for food. You save some money but it’s much less than your own need. Can you serve and help that beggar? The short and simple answer is NO.
Now we can say that if we want to serve someone, first we have to serve our own self. It’s impossible to give someone a thing which is not in our pocket. So to serve we first have to achieve personal success. Here comes another question. Is not personal success enough for us to live a happy life?

Q NO 3: Is personal success enough?

The answer is yes. Personal success can be enough. But it’s a selfish approach to live a happy life. The beauty of life lies in serving. If you just stop on personal success, you cannot enjoy and truly experience the essence of life. You cannot achieve that stage of peace and you’ll remain ignorant from the sense of selflessness, which is a divine feeling one can experience.

How to set a life goal

Success without serving is like a rose without its aroma.

-Umair Nisar

Now let’s move on to our third question. How can someone identify his battlefield?

Q NO 4: How can someone identify his battlefield?

Before answering this question let’s first clear some misconceptions.
We think that all the artists and successful people out there are self-discovered by birth. It means that they know themselves from the very beginning. Yes, there are some people who discover them from the very beginning, but the question is how many are they?
They are just 1% of the whole population. The rest of the people discover themselves.
In the process of self-discovery, the weightage of the question that what I can’t do is the same as that of what can I do. For example, I know my vocals are not good enough to become a singer so now I would not invest any of my energy in singing, secondly, I know I’m not good at sports and mathematics. It’s a blessing for me to know what I can’t do. It will prevent me to invest my energy and time into the thing for which I’m not made for. Now I know I love psychology, wisdom talks, reading books, and teaching. It’s the list of things that appeals to me.

Hybrid Field

Now there are two ways for me and you as well: Give time to each of them and find what will work for me, or combine some fields and make a hybrid for myself. For example, I love reading books, psychology, and philosophy for personal exposure and can use this exposure to earn and serve people through teaching and through talks using the technology. That’s how you can make a path for ourselves by combining the things we are interested in. Save your energy and time by ignoring the fields which are not your cup of tea.

Making a life goal

Now let’s move on to our next step which is how to set a life goal. But first, let’s discuss some misconceptions here.
The biggest mistake we do while making a life goal is, we just consider our professional life in a life goal. For example, you may have heard that becoming a doctor is my life goal or becoming a businessman is a goal of my life. But just imagine a businessman with blood pressure issues or any other health problem. Can we say him a successful person or can he say himself a successful man?
A man with lots of material success like money, big mansion, and all the fancy stuff one can dream of. But he does not have loyal friends, healthy relations, and a circle of people whom he can show his success. Can he be at peace? Can he become happy alone?
The answer is NO. if you say you can attract people with money than you should know that they are coming not because of you but because of your material success. In your downfall, there will be no one to tap your shoulder and give you hope in the darkest of time.
So here we have learned that while making a life goal, we should spread our life on a big canvas and Target our family, social, spiritual, and health life along with professional life as well. By this process, the goal which would make will be sustainable and a complete goal. Which will not just make you successful in just one room of your life but will make you a conqueror of life.

Funeral visualization

Another thing you can do is a technique called funeral visualization. Just visualize your death day and imagine what people are saying about you. For example, one wants to listen that he was a good father, he was an artist of his work, he was a loyal friend, he was a lovable person, his death is a big loss, etc.
List down all the statements you want to listen to your funeral and put this list in your pocket. See these statements daily. Make it a routine. It will help you in aligning your behavior.
If you are still reading, I have good news for you, my dear, you are not living an aimless life. Because at this time when the attention span of people is just 15 seconds you have read this whole guide just because you are serious about your life. With this seriousness, you will ultimately succeed in life. Just stay loyal to your life and listen to what nature is saying to you. Accept what it is offering you. The world is waiting for your magic. We all need you. Serve us. You beautiful soul.
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