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How Love Impacts Our Wellbeing In A Positive Way

Human beings require support, love, warmth and acceptance from their fellow being. This all is required to create a healthy life for ourselves, our families and a healthy society. In order to live a healthy life humans want, care and want to be protected. Viewing it from a biological point of view the bond in human beings compels them to protect each other. Whenever we experience a positive emotion body releases a hormone. Oxytocin is a hormone that is termed as “molecule of love” or “cuddle hormone”. Studies have even proved that this hormone is associated with feelings of trust, intimacy and closeness. In this article, we will share how love impacts our wellbeing in a positive way.



The Chemistry Of Love

When human beings are happy they radiate energy and have a very strong aurora. This same energy is radiated when one feels loves and protected. Hence love has a very strong impact on the emotional and physical well being of humans.

So, without further ado let’s talk about the chemistry of love. There is a difference between love and lust. Which very few people tend to understand. Lust is concerned only with physical attractions and fantasies. Whereas, love is concerned with the real person. Lust may manifest itself as want to spend more time involved in talking sexually. As compared to it love shows itself as a desire to spend quality time together, protecting each other and doing things out of love.

Psychologists say that lust and love are two different experiences. When one is in love the right side of the brain activates while when a person is in lust and just finds people attractive the left side of the brain activates.

Marriage And Wellbeing

Now comes a very important question. Does marriage confirm that one would be loved and protected? Which will ultimately ensure the wellbeing of the people who are getting together in the bond of marriage. Or does marriage confirms a satisfied or happy life?

Studies have found that marriage is proved way to bring satisfaction in the lives of both men and women. But there are certain factors that confirm the longevity of a marriage. This includes quality of marriage, Emotional intimacy, understanding levels and trust and openness. 

Apart from that, Positive effects of marriage are seen more in men as compared to women. To conclude, the happiness level of men increases after marriage. Whereas psychology reports women are happy when they are satisfied with their lives. But a good marital life increases the chances of physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Love Hierarchy

Brans and Sternberg two famous psychologists have formulated the hierarchy of love. According to them, love is divided into 3 stages:

  • lowest
  • middle
  • highest

The lowest level comprises of 8 qualities the partners look for in each other. This includes trust, sincerity, mutual understanding, compatibility, fulfilment, sexuality, intimacy, and mutual needs.

The next is the middle level which is a bit higher than the lower level. This includes compatibility and passion.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.-Dalai lama Click To Tweet

The highest level of the hierarchy is love. People must be attracted to one another in order for love to emerge in the first place. According to research, closeness, physical beauty, attitude similarity, and reciprocity, or a mutual exchange of favourable assessments. These are all essential factors that influence attraction. However, people use the word love in different ways. Which can cause confusion and Detriot the meaning of the word.


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