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A Good Decision-Making Guide | (5 Most Common Mistakes)

Decision-making is an act of choosing the best between two or more options. It’s basically a process to reach the most effective solution. To make a good decision you have to avoid some of the most common mistakes. Here we will discuss the five most common mistakes we do while making a decision.

5 Common Mistakes That Stop You From Making Good Decisions

Let’s discuss all of them in detail:



Emotional Decisions

Emotions are an integral part of humans. We all humans feel emotions of different types and intensity every day. But we do not have to let these emotions influence our power of making decisions. Emotions are created quick and fast decisions that are irrational and out of logic.
For example, there are matters in which you have to make logical decisions and not the emotional ones. Because logic will say 4+4=8 while when you will be under the influence of your emotions 4+4 = 100. Which utterly makes no sense. The same is the case in making decisions you have to put aside your emotions and kick start the logical part of your brain and observe the situation keenly. That if you chose a particular thing will it give the same result and benefits after years. As in the above-mentioned example, 4+4 will always remain 8 because that’s what the logical part says.



Prejudice means to make a prejudgment i.e. to make a decision beforehand. According to the definition of psychology, prejudice means a decision or belief that is generally negative and that forces us to think about people in a specific way. Hence making a prejudgment about a thing before testing and using it can result in making you move far away from making a good decision.
For example, your best friend says Sara is very selfish she never helps me. Now you are in a situation where you have no one to help you but you see Sara near you then you hit with what your best friend said you so you decide not to seek help from Sara that’s what prejudice does to you.

Good Decision Making Quotes

I want to make decisions quite rational

I think it’s a problem imaginational

I am a human let me be flawed

I have to try to smoothly plod

Oh you pray so I can stay strong

I have made many decisions wrong

-Kanza Ashar


HALO Effect

The Halo effect is a psychological phenomenon. It is a type of cognitive biases. In which our mind perceives every beautiful looking thing as good. Hence the biases come from the physical beauty of an object or person. Halo effect emerges one quality of a person as his beauty adding on additional qualities, which probably might not be present in that person. It is an attractiveness stereotype, which acts as a double sword. For example a person who appears physically smart we add on qualities, in holistically positive terms to that person. He might be not that capable, as our minds have just perceived him. Hence halo effect can be very dangerous in making a decision you have to make judgments based on true qualities and not the ones your brain perceived just in the first meeting.


Rushing For The Results

A very famous moral of the story we all know is “haste makes waste”. So you have to be very, very patient in making a decision don’t make a spontaneous and quick decision without thinking. As it will end up in causing irreversible failures and regrets.
We are also aware that after all this it is useless to cry over the spilled milk. A very effective technique is involving a person for a good opinion as it can give you an option and open new windows to think and ponder upon your decision. Do not rush or be under pressure. Give yourself time. Observe keenly the matter. Create all the possible outlines of the result you can get from making the decision.

good decision making

We don’t always have control over outcomes, but we do have control over our process - Amy Summerville Click To Tweet


Low Will Power

A psychological problem is low will power. That disrupts making a small decision in your daily life. Which in result will make it difficult for you to make a big decision in your life. For example every day you cannot decide what to wear tomorrow and are seeking help from someone to decide for you. this clearly shows how low is your will power that you can not make an important decision by your own choice. A very easy way to solve this problem is to simplify your life. Willpower is one aspect of existence where you can increase your performance more definitely by raising the number of inputs.

Now I want to listen from you, which mistake you will fill fix first?

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