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5 Effective Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skill

Public Speaking is usually considered as a soft skill. But without it, you can’t excel in life. Warren Buffet calls it the most important skill to advance in life. It’s the power of speech that makes Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela the great Leaders. In this article, we will discuss 7 effective tips to improve your Public Speaking skill.

Without wasting time, Let’s dive straight into it.

5 Effective Tips Will Improve Your Public Speaking Skill


1. Rapport Building 

Rapport building is the very first step public speakers do after appearing on the stage. 

What is rapport building?

Rapport building is a process of coming on the same page with the audience. It’s the process in which the speaker connect with the audience emotionally by finding and talking about the commonalities between them. 

You can not convince anyone who has nothing in common with you. 

You can build rapport by:

  • Questioning.
  • Talking About audience interests.
  • Use your humor.

2. Aristotle Good Speach Rule

Public speaking is there from the very beginning. That’s why we see ancient Greek philosophers as Aristotle talked about it 2000 years ago. He gave the structure of a good speech. He says if a speech has these three things then it will be considered as a good speech:

  1. Ethos ( Establish credibility)
  2. Logos (Give good arguments)
  3. Pathos (Conveying emotions)

If you want to give a heart-winning speech put these three things in your speech. Build credibility and give strong arguments. In the end, be empathetic and convey your emotions. 


3. Don’t Leave Your Hub

If you want to communicate effectively, you must focus only on one idea. Your speech should revolve around this core idea. This idea will work as a hub. By constructing your speech in this manner you will successfully convey your idea and clarity to the audience. 

Not confuse your audience by taking them from one topic to another. Deliver your core message with the help of examples, slides, and other helping materials. Don’t leave the axis while speaking.


4. Write Down Bullets

Having a deck of bullets card is good practice to speak effectively in public. Give attention, I’m not talking about writing the whole speech down. I’m talking about bullets.

For examples, if your talk is on stress, make bullets like:

  • Definition
  • Stress Situation in the world
  • Physical symptoms
  • psychological aspects
  • Cure and Tips

That’s how you can make bullets of your speech and determine the flow and direction of your speech. Go through each bullet and discuss all of them.


5. Visualize It For Them

The human mind is more open to pictures as compared to numbers and texts. Try to visualize your speech in your audience’s mind.

For better understanding watch the launching event of the first iPod. In this event Steve Jobs makes his audience visualize how will it feel having 6000 songs right into your pocket? It was the time of CDs. It’s the same as someone who comes and asks us today to visualize having a flying car. Although it has invented but still it gives us an Aha moment. 

Hence visualizing can double the effect of your speech. Give the audience a dream. 

Let’s end this discussion on this amazing quote:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
 Maya Angelou

Now, I want to listen to you that which tip you liked the most? Comment down below.

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