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5 Best Ways For Confident And Positive Body Language

Do you know that we can judge a whole personality of a person without having a conversation with him/her? It becomes possible due to non-verbal communication, which includes your body gestures, your walking style, the way you stand, how you sit, and tone as well as the pitch of your voice. Body language plays a vital role in your relationships and professional success. In this, article we will discuss how to have positive and confident body language.

5 Best Ways For Positive And Confident Body Language


Before discussing the tips first we have to know what body language does and why it’s important. Body language experts say that you can talk without using words. For example, rolling eyes upward is enough to convey the message that you don’t know something, thinking about something, or in some cases, you don’t care.

Experts also say that if you have weak or negative body language along with it you don’t know the use of words then chances are high that people will consider you a hypocrite or they will manipulate you.

When we talk, we use our conscious mind but the table turns around when it comes to body language. Body language is part of our subconscious activity.

People see before listening, and after seeing they decide that either they are going to listen to that particular person or not. 



Facial Expressions Express Your Emotions

For positive body language, you should know that our faces express our emotions. Facial expressions are universal. Everywhere on earth upward curved lips mean that the person is happy or in a soft mood.

Whenever you meet someone or attending a social gather, try to give a warm smile. It will show the soft corner of your personality and will leave a positive image in the mind of an individual.


Eye Contact is Essential For Conversations

Your eye contact decides whether you are confident or not. Body language experts say that it should be of 5 sec. When you give presentations or doing public speaking, try to do eye contact with everyone. It will help you to engage with the audience and will bind their attention. Otherwise, they will start looking elsewhere and start getting bore. Which will ultimately make your speech useless and no one will take it as an important deal.

Long eye contact annoys and makes people restless.  Moreover, don’t blink your eyes so fast during the interaction with people.


Hand Gestures Talk About Your Confidence

Hand gestures determine how confident you are. Don’t cross your arms when you are in a social gathering because It makes people feel that you are not interested in what they are saying.

When you are in an interview, don’t put your hands in your lap. Place them on the table and use your hands to support your words when you talk.

In short, hands in pocket, in lap, or cross hands show that person is insecure or afraid of something. It is also a sign of low self-esteem. Apart from that when you move your hands while you are talking this gives an impact on the other person that you are confident. You have knowledge about the topic and this creates a dominating effect on the person you are talking to.


Walking Style Talk About Your Personality

When you are walking, make sure that your neck is aligned with your shoulders. Usually, drop head and shoulders while walking represents that the person is depressed. Moreover, don’t walk too slow or too fast. Release your hands and walking in an easy posture while making sure that your feet are straight during the walk.

When you stand still somewhere, make sure that you stand with a good gap in between your foot.

Sitting posture portrays that either you are confident or confuse. If you sit with a contract body, it shows that you are confused or doubtful. To look assertive, make sure that your arms are resting onto the arms of the sofa or chair on which you are sitting while placing your leg over your other leg. Furthermore, you can sit with a gap in between your feet.


Distance Depends Upon The Nature Of Relationship

For a positive body, language distance is quite crucial. The distance between you and the public depends upon the nature of your relationship with them. This distance can be less if you are with your family. It widens when you are with your co-worker, or meeting a strange person.


Hand Shakes Show How Optimistic You Are

A firm handshake shows that you are holding a positive vibe. It doesn’t mean that you have to use force while shaking your hand. Where weak and limp handshake shows low confidence. Secondly, if the handshake lasts for 3-4 seconds it could become an awkward situation. So, try to make your handshakes last for a minimal 2 seconds with a strong and firm grip. Then disengage, don’t make the other person feel like he has to pull his hand backwards.

Positive & Confident Body Language

  • Keep posture erect
  • Keep Shoulders & Head upright
  • Walk in an energetic way
  • Hold steady eye contact
  • Wear clean and comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Neither whisper nor shout
  • Have a clear pitch of voice

Negative Body-Language

  • Rubbing hands
  • Breathing Faster
  • Shaking hands or Object
  • Twisting feet continuously
  • Rubbing around ears
  • Tapping fingers

So, these were some of the ways that will make your body language more positive and confident. Don’t forget to share it with your friends, it will motivate us to produce more self-help content for you.




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