Causes Of Toxic Relationships

5 Major Causes Of Toxic Relationships

Let us first discuss what is the difference between a healthy relationship and a toxic relationship. A healthy relationship is one that is fulfilling and in which you are comfortable with your partners, you are listened to, respected and loved enough that you feel complete. As compared to that if you feel drained after communicating and spending time with your partner. Then it could be a sign of a toxic relationship. No doubt there are ups and downs in every relationship but openly discussing and being genuine is what matters the most. Here we will share 5 major causes of toxic relationships and what could be a solution to them:

5 Major Causes Of Toxic Relationships

Lack Of Understanding:

When things turn toxic, lack of understanding is one of the major issues. You end up frequently in arguments. Where a blame game starts and has no end. Every human being wants to be understood. For that one has to be very empathetic and steps into the shoe of the other person. Empathy enables you to understand the situation of your partner by looking at the thing from their perspective. But if you lack empathy you will generally become more self-centred and will fail to understand your partner resulting in no compassion for your partner.

Doubtful Behaviour

Other major causes of toxic relationships are doubtful behaviour. Giving no space to your partner to express himself and being comfortable in his skin. Will certainly lead him to start lying to you constantly. This will result in creating problems in your relationship, creating doubtful behaviour. Such behaviour can become distressing and have a negative impact on your relationship. Apart from that constantly doubting your partner whether they love you or not if he/she is the right match for you. You try to assure whether your feelings are right or not. You end up giving an impact that you are continuously doubting your partner.

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Communication Problem

Not being supportive, constantly criticizing, stonewalling( giving a cold shoulder on any problem), avoiding to communicate, making assumptions on your own. These are some of the common communication problems we can see in relationships. But long exposure to this can count in the causes of toxic relationships. Psychologist have given 3 types of attachment styles

  • secure
  • anxious
  • avoidants

For a better relationship, you have to communicate with your partner, amend and resolve the problems that have never been resolved. Willing to forgive each other and having the courage to rebuild the relationship will help you to come out of the toxic communication problem.

Lack of Investment

One of the major Causes Of Toxic Relationships is that your partner has stopped investing his emotions in the relationship. But it’s you who is trying to make things better, it will not only be abusive to your self but it will immensely affect your mental health. You start considering yourself worthless. It can be a sign that your partner has started the avoidant style of attachment. In which the partner emotionally distances himself and becomes self-centred. Human beings are of habit, and they often repeat certain behaviours to compensate for past failures. This is known as repetition compulsion in psychology, and it basically means you’re attempting to make compensations for the past by avoiding similar circumstances or people that have upset you in the past.

Having No Courage To Move On

Moving out of a relationship is not easy. One of the major reason is the emotional investment you have done in it. The relationship gets toxic when you are not being treated right, valued, loved and you cannot move on either. You live in the shadow of that person and constantly bear the pain.

No, doubt that this process takes time maybe longer than one can think. All you have to do is release yourself from the mental torture. make yourself understand the fact that the person is not for you. Love yourself and start doing things you love to do. Meet new people so that you engage in activities to distract yourself. Apart from that give time to yourself. Heal the wounds, learn from your experience and become a better person.




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