Main Cause Of Suffering

3 Main Causes Of Suffering

Don’t you wonder that after so many revolutionary inventions, the advancement of science, and human knowledge why are we still suffering? Why are we not able after that much progress to enjoy and experience life to its fullest? What are the main causes of suffering? In this article, we will talk about it.

3 Main Causes Of Suffering

No doubt that there are many people suffering in their personal and professional life. It’s doesn’t start from this era. The man was always like this. Physical suffering can be caused in a variety of ways, but emotional suffering accounts for 90% of all human suffering. People inflict misery on themselves on a daily basis, including rage, fear, hate, envy, insecurity, and a variety of other emotions. This is the point at which the world’s misery begins. Here I will put forward some causes due to which the humans are suffering and they are overlooking the power and gifts nature has provided them.


Nowadays we have become too much “rational”. We need reasons to do something and it’s good in most cases but it also has a negative aspect. We think only on the basis of getting rewards for doing particular tasks. In other words, we need reasons to initiate a task or a deed. But if we look at the negative aspect of this thing. We will come to know that we have limited our functional areas because of rationality. We human beings are a package of kindness and because of this, we all are inborn with an instinct of humanity that is above all the instincts. Humanity or serving humans is free of any racial discrimination, caste creed, religion or colour.

Lack of Admiration

As we all know jealousy and getting envious is a natural phenomenon in human being. But what is to consider here is that the continuous exposure to the emotions of revenge and jealousy has become, one of the causes of suffering. The most important thing one can do to avoid this is to start admiring things around us. Nature has blessed us with so many awe-inspiring gifts. This is the ignorance and lack of admiration for mother nature. That has made us suffer even more than ever before. Whenever we encounter a situation in which we become envious or jealous. Nature wants us to learn something.

Keep clapping for people when they win and you lose, so when its your turn to win you have people to clap for you.- unknown

This will not only change your perception. But also bring a positive vibe and energy to you. 


The lens by which we see the world matters a lot. Suffering is happening in our life because human beings have forgotten what the purpose of their life is. This viewing of the world with a much narrow lens has created so many psychological problems including the existential crisis. This has become the fundament and main causes of suffering. The experience of hundreds of people in the same situation is different and the reason behind it is the stored emotions in our mind. One single thought and idea has the power to wreck all the enjoyments and push humans to a phase of emotional imprisonment which eventually leads to suffering.

Due to this self-help has become the need of the hour. All you need to do is understand your mind and body. Just a little gap, space and understanding will bring peace and harmony to you. 

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