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BOOK REVIEW:The Power of Positive thinking

Today’s book review is on The power of positive thinking is written by Norman Vincent. The book was published in 1952. The genre of the book is self-hep. Norman Vincent was an American minister and author. He became well known for popularizing the concept of positive thinking. The power of positive thinking is his best selling book.

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The writer has given the concept of the power of faith and determination. In a nutshell, you can achieve anything if you have faith. The book not only teaches positive thinking but also teaches practical ways of implementing it in our lives. In the novel Peale’s belief regarding the ability of the human mind, to resolve obstacles and attain achievement is clear. Although it is not sure if the book’s stories are true or fable. The stories illustrate, how the power of positive thinking is the key to reaching happiness and a successful state. And the simple solutions certainly act as a light. The writer says that I know very few men, who have experienced a permanent state of joy or the achievement in viewing life through a negative prism.


Knowledge about one’s self is the key to a source of energy. Self-awareness provides a continuously sustainable energy supply. Living by yourself just contributes to burnout the negativity. The inner voice is controlling whatever we do. It’s the inner voice that talks to us all day long. It determines our mood our actions our emotions and a complete overall look of life.


Prayer is the way of reconnecting yourself. You don’t have to sit there and ask for things. Rather adopt the attitude of being thankful. Whatever you want and visualize be thankful in advance for it. Be grateful and visualize a good outcome.

 ‘Prayers, picturise, actualise.’ -Peale


We are what we think. Hence the writer says that you have to expect the best and get it. We have forgotten the power of positive thinking. We are always expecting the worst of situations. Which results in unnecessary worries and anxiety. So what you have to do is change your perception and believes, so you can change the outcome.

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The writer suggests you use positive actions and language for only 24 hours. Then go back to your original state. Repeat this action over a week. You will soon realize that your positive actions will overcome you. You will get adapt to it and will move permanently to the level of positive thinking.


I will definitely suggest you read The power of positive thinking. If you apply the teaching in your everyday life you will see a drastic change in your thinking and thought patterns. This book will give rich food of thought. Not only it is going to enhance your perception but also it will add a new look to your life.

So, it was the book review of The power of positive thinking. Tell me which book you want me to review next? 

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