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Today’s book review is on Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. Without further ado let’s dive right into it.




Man’s search for meaning is written by victor e frankly in 1946. The genre of this book is a biography. Through narrating his life instances at the death camp in Auschwitz, he provides a fascinating understanding of how we should find a way to live in the worst of the circumstances. He illustrates his personal experiences and observations of the smallest human changes in a descriptive way that sparks hope in the reader.

The writer puts forward his ideas into three sections. By these three sections, he is clarifying Nietzsche’s terms, “He who has a purpose to live may accommodate almost any route.”

In the first section, the writer has put forward the idea that humans if want to live can survive in the worst of the situations. The only thing a human need is to have hope. The thing he has to do is just change his perspective to think. We humans can not avoid suffering but we can choose the way to cope with it. Therefore, the entire game is the way we perceive the realities and illusions of the world.

He has clearly depicted what circumstances and environment can do to one’s life. The people who couldn’t sleep without a blanket had to sleep on cold floors. Frankl also talks about the motivation that keeps us going in the worst of the situations.

In the second section, he has talked about his school of thought that is logotherapy. The distinctions between Logotherapy and Psychoanalysis is specifically defined. Frankl introduces and explains every concept of Logotherapy (such as the existential vacuum, survival responsibility, existential frustration). With some great figurative examples and case studies, he also describes the therapy process and the techniques. Those can be helpful to a beginner therapist. However, he refuses to clarify how such approaches should be combined into the traditional psychotherapy method. The basic concept of his theory is that man in the worst situations can derive meaning. That meaning defines a person’s existence and as a result, he is motivated to live.

The last and final section is about tragic optimism. It’s all about how even after the situation like guilt, death, and fear a person can remain optimistic. The writer has clearly stated the definition of optimism. he says

To suffer unnecessarily is masochistic rather than heroic Click To Tweet


I will definitely suggest you read man’s search for meaning. If you love psychology than you will be familiar with so many terms. If you want to find meaning in life, this book definitely deserves a place on your shelves.

So, it was the book review of Man’s Search For Meaning. Tell me which book you want me to review next? 

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