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Atomic Habits Book Review ; Key Lessons

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad is written by James Clear. The book was published on 16 October 2018. James clear is the CEO of his own website. Where he shares tips and tricks on self-improvement that are scientifically tested. The ideas he writes are mostly not his own but are the ones he discovers. James is the author of the new York times bestseller book “The atomic habit”. Here we are going to present you with the atomic habits book review.


The author has presented the book with compelling ideas, arguments, and examples. According to James, the environment plays a huge role in the formation of a habit. However, the world can not fail in front of the strength of a human mind, even it is the deciding factor. Human behaviour changes from situation to situation. But there are some fundamentals of behaviour that never change. So, in order to train your brain to make habits, you have to identify the triggers.

Time and place are the most common triggers. We can use methods such as strategies that help in implementing the habit. Apart from that, we can make these triggers a large part of our environment so that it becomes easy for us to identify and avoid them.

There are 4 laws presented by the writer to form a habit which include:

The law of cue, in which you have to identify your triggers and make the craving disappear. The second one is the law of craving, it is the point where you crave and go against what you are meant to do. In the law of craving, you have to make the thing unattractive so you don’t crave. The third law is a response, this law indicates how you have to respond to your cravings and make it difficult for yourself to satisfy your craving. The last and final law is a reward, in this, you have to reward your brain. Whenever you don’t engage in compelling behaviour give yourself a reward. This will not only reward the brain but also strengthen the habit you want to form.

The next thing after following the laws is goal formation. Although it seems very easy yet, the purpose of goal formation is to continue playing the hard game of habit formation. Once you start to focus on the purpose of your goal. what will happen is that you will not need to wait to be able to be satisfied. If you fell in love with the method instead of the result. Whenever you work, you will be happy. After you have made your goal the next thing is to track your habits.

The recording  and tracking of habits will give the following results:

1) It will provide a clue to remind you how you should behave 

2) This will motivate you so you can see the success that you are achieving.

3) In addition, behaviours are an example of how you cast votes for the kind of person that you want to become, this is a type of immediate and quick reward.

The writer has given a detailed structure of how our brain works. But the real question posed by the writer is are we actually becoming the person we want to be? Changing identity is true behaviour. You might get used to being inspired by other people. But you will stop getting inspired only when you change your habits and behaviours.

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To conclude, Human behavior is continuously changing and evolving. The most successful stories that prevailed in the long history of humanity, were of the humans who were ready to change. Consequently, one of the deepest desires of humanity is acceptance. And this old choice has a strong impact on our contemporary behavior.

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