Hi Beautiful Soul!

I’m Umair Nisar, primarily a student who loves questions and secondarily a teacher who enjoys providing answers to these questions.


I’m an ordinary human with an extraordinary vision and desire to serve as a direction board on an abandoned road. A vision to uplift the lives of seekers. A vision to guide the ones who forgot to live. A vision to provide the platform which will act like a moon in the dark night. A platform which will produce stars for the society. I’m on a mission to serve as a bartender of hope for hopeless people. Its a mission of learning, in which I will learn from you and will teach you what I have learned from my personal life’s experiences and biggest setbacks.


Scholars of success read the syllabus of failure. -Umair Nisar


It’s a mission to help and guide people so they can start living their lives with a new perspective. It’s a mission to unleash the untapped potential within you.


Join me in this sacred journey, let’s see the magic show of nature together. Let’s grow, learn, and experience life together.

Yours truly,
Umair Nisar.

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