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Best Quarantine Activities: A Guide To Personal Growth

Hard times are nothing but an opportunity to personal growth. -Umair Nisar Click To Tweet

We all are going through a global pandemic.

We are locked in our places. Although this is a disastrous situation along with it there is a whole new world of opportunities for professional and personal growth.

In our daily routines, we are so busy that we don’t have time to improve and optimize our lifestyle. This is an amazing time to reflect and improve our productivity.


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Best Quarantine Activities: A Guide To personal growth

The building of a successful life is based on three pillars:

  • Personal life
  • Social life
  • Professional life

We have to pass all of them to be successful. To do so, we have suggested the following list of activities you can do in quarantine to elevate your life.

1) Personal life:

personal growth

It’s true that in our daily hectic routines, we don’t give ourselves enough time. Now it’s quarantine, the best time to improve our physical and mental health.

“Health is the crown on the good person’s head that only the ill person can see.” Robin Sharma Click To Tweet

As we all know that we are what we eat. It’s an amazing time to take good care of our diet and understand our bodies.

We can create our own healthy diet plan as well.


The physical benefits of exercise are well-known. However, the mental benefits of exercise are also worth knowing.

Countless studies have shown the impact that regular exercise can have on your confidence, enthusiasm, motivation, and much more.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins (a feel-good hormone), and these endorphins provide a wide range of positive energy within you.

In addition to releasing endorphins, regular exercise is able to boost your confidence.

Of course, there are physical benefits of exercise as well.

When you exercise regularly, you’ll have more strength, more energy, and better health – all things contribute to more success in both your personal and professional life.



“Health is the crown on the good person’s head that only the ill person can see.” Robin Sharma Click To Tweet

In modern times, too many people suffer from a lack of sleep due to their hectic and stressful routines. Another major factor of lacking sleep is artificial light (the light from a smartphone or computer) which trick your brain into thinking that it’s still, a day that slows your melatonin production and making it hard for you to fall asleep at night.

Now we have enough time to improve our sleep cycle which will ultimately optimize our health, wealth, and productivity.

Practice gratitude:
“Health is the crown on the good person’s head that only the ill person can see.” Robin Sharma Click To Tweet

It’s the best time to write down the things you are grateful for. Make your own book of gratitude and write down each and every amazing moment of your life.

It will improve your positive thinking muscle and will urge you to live your life with joy and spark.

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Writing is the healthiest and most effective habit one can have.

Ask yourself questions and write down their answers. For example, where you see yourself after 10 years?

In answer, Write down your mission statement.

2) Social life:

personal growth

As man is a social animal. He can’t survive alone in society. He needs people around him. He needs a crowd who praises, recognizes, and supports him.

In our busy routines, we don’t give enough time to our loved ones and the people around us.

It’s a good time to invest in our relationships by interacting with them through calls and invent different activities to spend more time with your family. Tell them how beautiful they are and what they all mean to you. Tell them how grateful you are to have them. Express your love for them.

Forgive the people who did bad to you. Call them and give them hope and courage of a better tomorrow. Add them to your social bank.


3) Professional life:

personal growth

What you have earned in life so far is because of the skill you have. Skills are income generators.

As we have enough free time in quarantine days, we can work on our skills. Either we can advance the existing skills or develop new ones.

these are some of the emerging skills you can master to increase your income as well as exposure which will ultimately increase your confidence.

  • Programming
  • Presentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • New language
  • Business skills
  • Communication skills
  • Graphics designing
  • Singing

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article.

Love + respect.

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