Myths about positivity

3 Common Myths About Positivity

Is it possible to stay positive 24/7? And the answer is clearly no. We human beings are taught all our lives to stay positive and erect the optimistic perspective out of every situation. In this article, we are going to bust some myths about positivity that we have been told all our lives. And will share some tips and tricks that will motivate you and guide you on how you can manage positivity and optimism in your everyday life.



People who believe in this myth, think that negativity does not exist when they are trying to think positive. So, the myth buster is, Human beings undergo a cycle of change where it is almost impossible for them to always stay motivated, positive and optimistic. Positive psychology says that the more the person is far from reality the more he gets upset and disturbed. Therefore, When we are looking only at the positive aspect. We are only looking only at the one side of the coin. What is the best solution to it?. The best solution is adopting an attitude that is near to reality.

The negative side of every situation exists. So, If we only prepare our mind only for positive situations. And don’t have any plans. For example, what will happen if things don’t work according to our expectations. We will eventually fall prey to negativity. The best attitude to adopt is to give your hundred per cent in every situation. Analyze the picture from every possible angle. View all the negative and positive aspects of a situation. Prepare your mind and give your full potential. Either it’s an exhausting situation or a favourable situation.


 myths about positivity also include people agreeing, that positive thinking requires positive arguments and approach. And this will turn them into walking positivity machines. One can not certainly try to become suddenly optimistic and positive in a negative situation.

Doing so is similar to lift 50 kgs of weight on the first day of your gym. One cannot do a task immediately until one has trained himself for it. If you want to make your muscle strong you do exercise for it. And if you have to change your perspective, you have to train your mind for it. SO if you want to add positivity in your life you have to practice positive thoughts. Not only on the bad days but you have to exercise it daily. This will help you get out of any situation very easily


Whatever we do and say we are forming our environment. A very famous quote is

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”- JIM ROHAN Click To Tweet

It doesn’t stop here not only the people but everything around us affects us. So, in order to stay positive, we have to be very serious about who we spend time with and what type of content we consume. Because we are what type of content we consume.

Here is a solution to it:

  • Follow enthusiastic people on social media
  • Cut off people from your life who are not adding value to it.
  • Placing powerful quotes on your wall

As the Researches have proved that if you want to adopt any habit just place that thing within the radius of your reach. Similarly, if you want to avoid it place it where it is not easily reachable. Therefore if you want to become positive. Place the positive quotes in your reach.


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